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About ORCA

We are transforming the consciousness and capabilities of leaders so they can propel high-growth organizations to new levels of success.


At ORCA, we help develop truly impactful leaders. We know a lot about what helps high-growth organizations scale; we’ve worked with quite a few you may recognize like Microsoft, Amazon, Avalara, Facebook, Linkedin, Slack, DocuSign, Tenable and more.

Our team members have served as Human Resources, Marketing, Engineering, and Sales executives, leading tech startups and enterprises through rapid change and ambiguity, from a global perspective.

One thing we know to be true is that an organization can be no more effective than the sum of its leadership.

This is why, here at ORCA, we focus on creating conscious leaders so they can grow organizations as a whole. Through our leadership and management development programs, we help transform your people’s self-awareness, consciousness, and capabilities so they can create team cohesion and foster high-performing culture.

We are the catalyst to directly improve the ROI of your high-growth organization and the experiences of the people within them.

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