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Did you know 50% of U.S. employees experience daily stress that can be categorized as “bad stress” at work?

This number only grows when we look at the tech and cybersecurity sectors. 

Raising awareness of where stress resides in an organization and then identifying how to effectively manage it is the only way to move forward in today’s competitive landscape. An organization can be no more effective than the sum of its leadership—how will you empower your leaders to be proactive about stress? 

*2021 Mental Health at Work Report

Stress at work

Stress Management Assessment + Workshop

Create a healthier and more productive workplace.

  • Get a baseline level of stressors
  • Know your TTI SI Stress Quotient™
  • Finally get the needed next steps to organizational change

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Upgrade outer performance through inner work.

We need leaders who have the current and future skills to navigate complex business challenges. Through assessments and workshops, invest in the human resources that make your organization thrive.

Stress Management Assessment + Workshop

Stress Management Assessment + Workshop

This assessment and workshop takes the power of the TTI SI Stress Quotient™ and adds ORCA 4 A’s of Conscious Leadership framework so you can identify stressors and take action to solve them ...

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We know a lot about what helps organizations grow, scale and succeed. And if there’s one thing we know from experience to be true? It’s that an organization can be no more effective than the sum of its leadership. 

We don’t believe in quick fixes, band-aid solutions or avoiding what may seem like ‘hard work.’ We value consciousness to our core.

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