DISC Certification Workshop

A highly-rated 120 minutes interactive workshop that combines DISC and ORCA 4 A’s of Conscious Leadership framework that is focused on providing insight and awareness on understanding our behaviors and the behavior of others.

Workshop date options:

March 8 – 12:00pm UTC-8


7 Sessions


In Person


Seattle, WA

Price per person:

$ 1,000 USD

Workshop Overview

Are you XYZ?

The DISC workshop is perfect for organizations who XYZ.

With the DISC assessment and workshop, you’ll understand yourself and your team so each individual can a more positive difference in the workplace and in life. Participants will learn about the strengths and opportunities of different behavioral styles, and how you can use this with others to improve the overall effectiveness.

Learn How To


  • Create a Clear Structure
  • Over-Communicate for Excellence
  • Better Bonding = Better Work
  • Focus On Clarity when tackling projects
  • Define responsibilities, and clearly outlined expectations
  • Moving Too Fast jumping from idea to project to task, without slowing down.
  • increase engagement, and the less friction flexibility with communication formats and style



  • TTI SI Stress Assessment
  • 60-minute recorded webinar featuring
  • Disc individual Debrief
  • Disc group Debrief

Undiagnosed stress causes 60% of all illness and disease —be proactive about stress. Schedule your workshop today!



How to minimize unnecessary conflict


Increase productivity and engagement


Enhance communication


Maximize their strengths


Develop self-awareness

Additional Testimonials

Propel your organization to new levels of success!