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Using DISC to Create a Common Language in High-Growth Organizations

Communication, employee engagement, and stress are some of the top concerns among Chief People Officers. In this webinar, you’ll learn how successful high-growth organizations are using TTI’s DISC to help create a common organizational language that results in better communication, higher engagement, and decreased stress.

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Webinar Overview

Is your organization using assessment tools effectively? Do you want to understand how others are using DISC to increase productivity and ROI? Are you interested in getting your internal team DISC certified?

DISC is an important way organizations are helping to develop their people. The Using DISC to Create a Common Language webinar will help you develop a program that creates a common language of observable behavior and self-awareness so your people can better understand themselves and others.

We’ll talk in-depth about the TTI DISC assessments and how they can be used. Participants will learn about the strengths and opportunities of different behavioral styles, and how you can use this with others to improve overall effectiveness. We’ll also cover what it means to certify your internal team to administer DISC internally.

Learn How To


  • The current trends in using assessments to develop leaders and managers.
  • How DISC can create a common language and the measurable benefits.
  • The meaning of DISC results and the strengths and opportunities of different DISC styles.
  • How to develop a DISC program that works for your specific organization.
  • The differences between different DISC providers.
  • When and how to certify your internal team to administer DISC.



  • A free DISC assessment for each participant.
  • A DISC Assessment Self-Debriefing Guide.
  • A discount to get a DISC Certification so you can administer DISC within your organization (offer only for a limited time).

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