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Introduction to EQ: Increasing Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Emotional intelligence is one of the top, in-demand soft skills at high-growth organizations. Chief People Officers are now using TTI’s EQ Assessment to develop these soft skills for their leaders and managers. In this webinar, you’ll learn how successful high-growth organizations are using TTI’s EQ assessment to increase personal and professional development, employee engagement, and communication.

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Webinar Overview

Do you need your teams to achieve superior performance in the workplace? Are you interested in using TTI’s EQ Assessment in your organization or want to get certified to administer it internally?

Emotional intelligence focuses on understanding one’s own and other people’s emotions in the decision-making process which is critical in facilitating high levels of collaboration and productivity. The Introduction to EQ webinar will help you develop a program that best utilizes the EQ Assessment.

We’ll talk in-depth about the TTI EQ Assessment and how internal staff can get certified to administer the assessment. We’ll also discuss key concepts of the neurochemistry of the brain that impacts both our self and social awareness and regulation.

Learn How To


  • The current trends in emotional intelligence and the workplace.
  • How companies are using EQ assessments to develop leaders and managers.
  • What’s included in the EQ assessment.
  • How to interpret and apply the EQ methodology.
  • How to design and deliver highly effective EQ-based workshops.
  • To improve communications, hiring, and accelerate professional development.
  • When and how to certify your internal team to administer EQ Assessments.
  • The neurochemistry of the brain that impacts both our self and social awareness and regulation.



  • A free EQ assessment for each participant.
  • An EQ Assessment Self-Debriefing Guide.
  • A discount to get an EQ Certification so you can administer EQ within your organization (offer only for a limited time).

Take your organization to the next level.

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Understand the EQ model.


Increase self-awareness and social awareness in yourself and others.


Help your people develop effective self-regulation strategies.


Identify practical applications in the workplace.

Propel your organization to new levels of success!

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