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How to Drive Breakthrough Growth and Transformation of Frontline Managers

Moving from an individual contributor to a manager is NOT a promotion, it is a career change. Managers who aren’t supported with the proper training may face negative impacts on themselves, their team, and ultimately the organization they work for. Yet, high-growth organizations are struggling to develop manager programs that work.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how successful high-growth organizations are creating manager development programs that reduce stress, lower turnover, and increase productivity.

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February 29th, 2024 – 8:30 am PT/11:30 am ET


30 minutes




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Webinar Overview

Are your front-line managers successful in their roles? Are they stressed? Is your organization providing support and development for your managers to thrive?

Most managers agree they lack training, and on top of that, 44% feel overwhelmed at work. The Front Line Managers: How to Create a Development Program That Works webinar will help you develop a manager program that can solve this problem. A program that can be implemented effectively while also providing support for the whole individual.

As an example of a proven, successful program, we’ll review the components of ORCA’s Manager Academy© which focuses on insights, skills development, self-awareness, and stress management. This workshop is designed to give you an overview of how you can provide managers with targeted training, practical skills, and insights on specific topics relevant to their roles and responsibilities.

Learn How To


  • The current best practices in manager development.
  • How other high-growth organizations are addressing manager training.
  • How to create a holistic program that includes targeted training, practical skills, and insights on specific topics relevant to their roles and responsibilities.
  • An overview of ORCA’s Manager Academy©.
  • The three main content areas of a good manager program: Managing Self, Managing Teams, and Managing Across the Enterprise.



  • 30-minute webinar with ORCA’s CEO, Paul O’Beirne
  • Examples of executive workshop summaries, evaluations, and facilitator guides.
  • Manager support tip sheet.

Support your managers for your organization’s success.

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Increase skills and capabilities in front-line managers.


Decrease turnover and stress in your organization.


Understand how to develop a successful manager training program.


See the benefits of a holistic approach.

Propel your organization to new levels of success!

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