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Organizational Stress Management: Tools and Programs that Provide Measurable Results

Tackling stress sets your organization apart from the rest. Yet, improving stress at an organizational level often lacks buy-in from executive teams since results are often unmeasurable. In this webinar, you’ll learn about the latest tools and programs that are giving organizations measurable results in their fight against stress.

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Webinar Overview

Is your organization’s stress at a tipping point? Does your team seem distracted, anxious, or unengaged?

Organizations that are thriving are using a combination of assessments and workshop programming to identify and improve stress management. The Organizational Stress Management webinar will help you identify the areas of stress within your organization and understand how to take action.

The webinar will provide insight into how to defuse stress in the workplace environment and how to measure the ripple effects throughout the organization. We’ll talk in-depth about the TTI SI Stress Quotient™ assessment and ORCA’s 4As of Conscious Leadership Framework© as tools to use to identify stressors and take action to solve them across your organization.

Learn How To


  • Current trends in stress management in high-growth organizations.
  • How to determine if stress is impacting productivity.
  • If work demands are spurring discontent.
  • Uncover unresolved issues across teams.
  • The 7 Dimensions of work stressors and how to address them.
  • To address team productivity issues caused by stress.
  • How to move from Reactive mode to Proactive mode in your organization.
  • How the TTI SI Stress Quotient™ assessment and other tools can be used to get measurable results.



  • A free TTI SI Stress Quotient™ assessment for each participant.
  • 30-minute webinar with ORCA’s CEO, Paul O’Beirne
  • Actionable workbook for teams

Undiagnosed stress causes 60% of all illness and disease —be proactive about stress.

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Learn the 7 dimensions of stress.


Give everyone a voice to overcome stress.


Foster recognition within your organization.


Decrease employee burnout and turnover.

Help your leaders and organization thrive.

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