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Stay-Up-To-Date on the Latest Tools and Trends

To create leadership development programs that work, staying up to date on the trends and best practices in people development is paramount. ORCA HR has you covered. In our educational webinars, we’ll walk you through what the best Chief People Officers and HR leaders are doing to take their people to the next level including what tools, frameworks, and programs work.

How to Drive Breakthrough Growth and Transformation of Frontline Managers
February 29th, 2024 - 8:30 am PT/11:30 am ET

Create an effective, science-backed manager training program for your front-line managers.


How Much is Bad Hiring Costing You? Learn How to Improve Hiring and Reduce Costs

January 29th, 2024 - 8:30 am PT/11:30 am ET

Improve hiring and retention using science-based tools.


Using DISC to Create a Common Language in High-Growth Organizations

Soon to be scheduled

Create a language around observed behavior to improve communication and engagement.


Introduction to EQ: Increasing Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Soon to be scheduled

Facilitate higher levels of productivity and collaboration using emotional acumen.


Organizational Stress Management: Tools and Programs that Provide Measurable Results

Soon to be scheduled

Identify, acknowledge, and effectively manage stress in your organization.

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We know a lot about what helps organizations grow, scale, and succeed. If there’s one thing we know from experience to be true, it’s that an organization can be no more effective than the sum of its leadership.

At ORCA HR Solutions, we don’t believe in quick fixes, band-aid solutions, or avoiding what may seem like ‘hard work.’ We value consciousness to our core.